Commitment to the Environment

We are committed to assisting the marine farming industry in continuously improving their environmental performance.

We have an Environmental mentor who sits on our Environment Committee and focus's on the continual education of vessel crews, vessel audits to ensure all environmental equipment is in place, farm audits to monitor harvesting practices and beach cleaning.

Environmentally Certified Members

  • Aroma Aquaculture Limited
  • Clearwater Mussels
  • Talley's Group Limited
  • Kono NZ LP
  • Ngai Tahu Aquaculture Services Limited
  • Kotare Marine Farm Limited
  • Maclab NZ Limited
  • Maclab Tasman
  • Marlborough Oysters Limited
  • New Zealand King Salmon Company Limited
  • Port Aquaculture Limited
  • Port Underwood Contracting Limited
  • Sanford Limited
  • United Fisheries Limited

Beach Cleaning

The Marine Farming Association and its members participate in regular beach cleans.
If you have done a beach clean we would love for you to provide us with the information from what you found.

We report our beach cleaning statistics every year, the more information we have feeding in to us the better picture we get. So we thank you for your time and effort!


The Marine Farming Association is a very small team so we love to hear your feedback both positive and negative because we can not be everywhere at once.

Negative feedback provides opportunities for improvement, working and engaging with the communities effected so that marine farming will be around for future generations.

Float recovery

If you have found a float on the beach, please let us know and we will advise next steps.