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Commitment to the Environment

The Marine Farming Association are committed to assisting the marine farming industry in continuously improving their environmental performance.

We have an Environmental Mentor who sits on our Environment & Compliance Committee and focus's on the continual education of vessel crews, vessel audits to ensure all environmental equipment is in place, farm audits to monitor harvesting practices and beach cleaning.

MFA Environmental Team

The Marine Farming Association (MFA) facilitates an Environmental & Compliance Sub Committee.
This committee is well represented by most of the companies within the marine farming industry in Te Tauihu.
This committee meets every two months to discuss what they are seeing on the water, they share innovation and improvements that their companies are making so that the whole industry can benefit.

MFA Crew Induction Video

This video was created for our members to use with all new recruits.
It outlines our expectations as an industry and best practices.

The actors in the video are people from the industry and comedy has been used in the hopes that new recruits will find it more engaging to watch because they will recognise people in the video and it's a little bit funny. We tried to avoid creating a boring instructional video.

Disclaimer: The Environmental Certification has been refreshed since this video was made, but the video is still relevant.

Environmental Certification

Information about the MFA Environmental Certification Programme.

Beach Cleaning Programme

Information about the MFA Beach Cleaning Programme.

MFA Environmental reporting App

The Marine Farming Association (MFA) App has been designed to make reporting easier, faster and more accurate.

It focuses on environmental reporting, in the top of the south (NZ) and it allows our members and the wider community to report beach cleans and float retrievals in real time.

This information helps the MFA monitor environmental impact and to proactively put training programmes in place to mitigate any issues arising.

The Vessel & Farm check aspects of the App have been built in for our environmental mentors to report with ease when out auditing and training members on best practise.

The app can be used when offline, so it’s perfect for use anywhere in the top of the south (NZ).

Enter a Beach Clean

The Marine Farming Association and its members participate in regular beach cleans.
If you have done a beach clean we would love for you to provide us with the information from what you found.

We report our beach cleaning statistics every year, the more information we have feeding in to us the better picture we get. So we thank you for your time and effort!

Float recovery

If you have found a float on the beach, please let us know and we will advise next steps.


The Marine Farming Association is a very small team so we love to hear your feedback both positive and negative because we can not be everywhere at once.

Negative feedback provides opportunities for improvement, working and engaging with the communities effected so that marine farming will be around for future generations.

Aplus programme

 Aquaculture New Zealand (AQNZ) is the national body for Aquaculture in NZ.

AQNZ are a small, dedicated team of professionals, passionate about supporting the sustainable growth of aquaculture in New Zealand. 

A+ is a world class sustainable management framework facilitated by Aquaculture NZ which enables the New Zealand aquaculture industry to better engage with their communities and continuously improve their environmental practices while strengthening global demand for NZ seafood. 

The Marine Farming Association (MFA) members in the Top of the South island are generally part of both the MFA programmes and the A plus programme.

Marine Wildlife Sightings

When you are out and about in Te Tau Ihu, we ask that you keep your eyes open and report any sightings of rare marine wildlife, any interesting wildlife behaviour, stranding's or entanglements.

If you see a rare species, a stranding, entanglement or something of concern, please report it directly to DOC:   

Phone: 0800362468 (0800 DOC HOT) - Hotline available 24/7
DOC Online form

*Only fill out the MFA forms if not urgent, otherwise phone 0800 DOC HOT.
For King Shag sightings, please use the button to the right "Wildlife Sighting"

Wildlife Identification:


Seals & Sea Lions


King Shag

Draft_APEC Best Prac Guide 14-07-21 v3

This is the Draft baseline report written by Tim Huntington from Poseidon Aquatic Resource Management and Joan Drinkwin from Natural Resource Consultants with financial support from the Ocean Conservancy and the support of the Global Ghost Gear Initiative.

Draft Report: Managing Abandoned, Lost or Discarded Fishing Gear and Aquaculture Equipment in the APEC Region - Best Practice Guide.

We welcome your feedback and questions, if you have any.