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Scholarships & Funding

MFA Contestable Fund

The Marine Farming Association (MFA) have a fund available for companies or individuals to develop products, services or projects that will benefit a range of MFA members and/or the wider aquaculture industry.

$40,000 is available annually.

The Andy Ritchie Scholarship Fund

The Andy Ritchie Fund was set up in the year 2000.

The purpose of the Scholarship Fund is to support practical research in the field of New Zealand Aquaculture. To gain better knowledge and understanding of the environment we operate in, the species farmed and any impacts associated with marine farming operations.

$5,000 is available annually.

The funding area is nationwide but preference will be given to projects that benefit Top of the South aquaculture.

It is open to all species and aquaculture products.

Scholarships - Golden Bay

Applications for the next Marine Farming Association Scholarship can be made by contacting the Marine Farming Association (see form to the right).

It is open to current Y12/13 students or school leavers whose family home is in the Golden Bay community.

$2,500 is available annually.