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Havelock Mussel Festival

The Marine Farming Association have been a proud Cornerstone sponsor of the Havelock Mussel Festival for many years. This is a fantastic event for the Havelock community and the Marine Farming industry and we hope to continue supporting this event for many years to come.

Graeme Dingle Foundation - Marlborough

We have been a sponsor of the Graeme Dingle Foundation in Marlborough for many years.

Graeme Dingle Foundation programmes currently reach over 50% of Marlborough’s young people - helping them discover that what they have inside is greater than any obstacle.

Every week the team work directly with over 3,100 of Marlborough’s young people, across 16 local schools and colleges.
Their vision: empowering kids to overcome life's obstacles

We love what this organisation stands for and support them in any way we can, not only as the Marine Farming Association but the wider industry also.

Ted's jump a daring 20,000ft drop

Golden Bay Aquaculture Academy

The Golden Bay High School Aquaculture Academy is a joint initiative between Golden Bay High School  and the Marine Farming Association.
This initiative creates an opportunity for the aquaculture industry to have a positive input into the Golden Bay community through the development, sponsorship and ongoing support of the Aquaculture Academy.

For more information please go to their website

Queen Charlotte College Aquaculture Academy

The Queen Charlotte College Aquaculture Academy was initiated during 2002 as a partnership between Queen Charlotte College and the Marine Farming Association. 

The mandate of the Academy is to advance the skill levels and understanding of students attending and, when possible, to carry out meaningful research on issues relating to the aquaculture industry

For more information please go to their website -