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Beach Cleaning Programme

With the relaunch of the MFA Environmental Certification Programme, we have also relaunched our Beach Cleaning Programme which ties into the Certification.

Participating members will now have beach cleaning targets, and they have been assigned beach cleaning areas for which they will be the guardians.

Beach Cleaning Targets are calculated based on the participating members "impact".
We calculate impact based on the total backbone metres a member works with across the top of the south.

We have also assigned the beach cleaning areas with frequency targets, this is based on the amount of debris that washes up in an area. Certain areas are worse than others based on their position, tides, prevailing wind etc.

The MFA beach cleaning programme will be an ongoing project for continuous improvement and we will be updating it annually.
The MFA is a small organisation we welcome feedback, if you know of areas that need a little extra attention, please let us know.