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Youth Employment Success (YES)

In 2021, the Youth Employment Success programme arrived in Te Tauihi.

This is what they say about their programme:

"The programme is working towards a Marlborough that actively engages and supports all rangatahi/youth. A community that owns the rangatahi/youth unemployment issue and works collaboratively to support and solve the kaupapa/initiative.

Youth Employment Success is an online platform that launched in 2016 with certified kaiwhakawhiwhi mahi/employers from a variety of industries offering free employment-based opportunities to 16-24-year-olds and now, connecting kaiwhakawhiwhi mahi/employers with like-minded rangatahi/youth who are looking for mahi/work.

Whether you’re looking for real experience, an informal kōrero/chat over coffee, or a job in the graphic industry you're into, Youth Employment Success can help you get that break.

Youth Employment Success is a community-based initiative that offers rangatahi/youth the opportunities to upskill to gain confidence in their desired industry. Since 2016, Youth Employment Success has seen 112 businesses throughout the whenua/country offering their time, close to 1,500 opportunity requests and nearly 20,000 unique visitors to our site across Aotearoa".

We thought this initiative sounded pretty cool and although the Marine Farming Association doesn't hire many staff themselves, we can certainly sit down for a cuppa with anyone who is interested in the Aquaculture industry and provide advise, guidance and industry connections.