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Aroma utilises natural New Zealand ingredients to create nutritional supplements that benefit lives around the world. Thousands of healthcare and nutraceutical companies use our raw materials in their consumer goods and report back that they are undoubtedly life-changing.

They do all of this because they believe life is for living. They believe in creating memories with the people and animals we love.
Their ever-evolving extraction technologies allow them to unlock every trace of potential from the raw materials, which is passed on to consumers.
60 years ago, when RJ Winters started Aroma, he set out to build a company where the family values of partnerships, integrity and doing the right thing for the long term were central to what they did and how they did it.
They still stand by these values and our customers won’t hesitate to tell you so.


An associated business of Wakatū, Kono NZ LP is a food and beverage producer and exporter of premium wine, seafood, craft beer, fruit and natural fruit bars. Aspiring to be the world’s leading indigenous food and beverage provider, Kono has a global consumer focus, including a wholly-owned trading entity in Shanghai.

New Zealand’s Greenshell mussels and Pacific oysters are recognised among the world’s most sustainable seafoods. Kono grows, harvests and processes mussels at its Marlborough based factory and exports to the Asian and U.S markets. Its marine farm and contracting business provides harvesting, farm maintenance and specialist consultancy advice to aquaculture farmers throughout New Zealand. Kono also fishes, packs, and distributes crayfish (lobster).


MacLab was founded in 1973 by brothers Jim and Bill Broadbent who pioneered the green-lipped mussel nutraceutical market.

Having introduced the world to mussel powder for use in health products, Jim and Bill saw the potential for a market- leading product backed by science.

They invested heavily in research and development working with leading scientists, universities and research institutes from around the world, funding more than 30 clinical research studies.


Moana New Zealand is the largest Māori–owned fisheries company in New Zealand (Aotearoa).

With a deep sense of responsibility and respect for our kaimoana, honouring the taonga we have been entrusted with. Moana take a long term view in everything they do, they work in harmony with nature to ensure the sustainability of our fisheries for future generations.


The New Zealand King Salmon (NZKS) company are passionate about creating the ultimate salmon experience. 

NZKS was a pioneer in marine salmon farming in New Zealand, utilising King salmon stock introduced from California over 100 years ago. NZKS have been growing and selling King salmon to consumers in Aotearoa and overseas for over 30 years.


Until 1984 Sanford Limited had very little to do with aquaculture. The demand for rock oysters led the company to investigate the possibilities of farmed oysters. By 1985 Sanford had three farms and the oysters were exported frozen on half shells.

At this stage Sanford decided to invest in mussel farms in the Marlborough Sounds. Farms and harvesting interests were purchased in the 1980s and in 1990 the Havelock factory was expanded and rebuilt.

By 1998 Sanford had become New Zealand’s largest aquaculture company, with 90 separate marine farm licences covering 400 hectares of water space. Greenshell™ mussels were by far the largest component, but the production of Pacific oysters in Northland and King salmon in Stewart Island was increasing. Sanford also took on a leading role in industry research to develop natural spawning and collection of spat within closed hatchery systems.


New Zealand is world famous for its clean, green image and the consistently high quality of its produce. Here at Talley’s, we have always been at the forefront of that reputation, priding ourselves on delivering healthy, sustainable, premium quality New Zealand primary produce and food products, harvested by our skilled, hardworking team.

The single significant point of difference for all Talley’s products, beyond impeccable quality, is that they are all grown, harvested and processed in New Zealand by us. We also control our distribution from New Zealand. This means every product has a reassuringly traceable provenance back to the clean, natural seas and fields of New Zealand.


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