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Truck Driver

Truck drivers drive trucks with or without trailers. They transport materials, livestock, machinery, liquids, general freight, and sometimes hazardous substances.

What do Truck Drivers do at work?

  • Routinely check their truck
  • Weigh their truck before and after it is loaded.
  • Supervise or help with loading their truck.
  • Check the condition of the load and that it is secure.
  • Follow correct safety procedures.
  • Keep records of, and check invoices for, goods they carry.
  • Plan the best delivery route.
  • Make deliveries or pick up goods.
  • Keep a logbook of the hours they work.

Skills and knowledge

  • Excellent driving skills
  • Basic knowledge of the mechanics of their truck and how to maintain it.
  • Knowledge of how to secure loads using load binders, chains and strops.
  • Knowledge of transport and related industry laws.
  • Knowledge of emergency procedures and how to handle hazardous conditions.


  • Basic literacy and numeracy skills for accurately completing logbooks, measuring and weighing loads, ideally NCEA level 2.

Entry Requirements

  • License for the size and type of truck you intend to drive.
  •  A New Zealand Certificate in Commercial Road Transport (Level 3) may also be useful.


  • Distribution or haulage management
  • Transport and logistics planning.

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$19 - $30 per hour