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Project Manager

Project managers manage the planning, resourcing, scheduling and administration of projects to deliver them on time and within budget.

What do Project Managers do at work?

  • Lead project planning and review sessions.
  • Estimate project costs and manage the budget.
  • Produce and update all project documentation.
  • Manage communication and relationships with clients, stakeholders and suppliers.
  • Oversee the procurement, supply and allocation of project resources.
  • Manage the project delivery timeline.
  • Manage the project team and hire staff to work on projects.

Skills and knowledge

  • Knowledge of project management methodology.
  • Skill in developing and implementing new business processes.
  • An understanding of the strategic direction, structure and issues affecting the organisation they work for.
  • The ability to identify and reduce risks and issues that could affect the project and provide solutions.
  • An understanding of business processes and requirements.


NCEA Level 3 and a tertiary qualification.

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$65,000 - $170,000 per year