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Payroll Officer

Payroll officers arrange payment of staff salaries and wages.

What do payroll officers do at work?

  • Calculate pay, tax, student loan and superannuation deductions for staff.
  • Manage the payroll system for the organisation.
  • Check what hours staff have worked, and what leave they have taken.
  • Arrange for staff to be paid correctly and on time.
  • Forward information to government agencies.
  • Keep staff records up to date.
  • Ensure the organisation complies with the law.

Skills and knowledge

  • Employment law and the tax system
  • Accounting, information and payment systems


There are no specific requirements, but the following are useful:

  •  NCEA L3 in English, Maths, Accounting, Digital technologies are useful.
  • A degree in Business or Accounting
  • L5 diploma in Business or Management
  • On the job training is usually given

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$45,000 - $130,000