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Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineers design and give advice on the building and repair of machines and tools. They also investigate problems and faults with machinery, and study ways to improve manufacturing and energy production.

What do Mechanical Engineers do at work?

  • Determine client's or production manager's requirements.
  • Carry out investigations of existing systems and prepare reports based on findings.
  • Research the use of energy sources, machinery and materials.
  • Study the environmental and safety aspects of planned work.
  • Prepare plans and drawings of machines or machine parts. 
  • Use computer-aided design (CAD) software to design and model plans.
  • Prepare and calculate cost estimates for jobs.
  • Supervise the building, installation, repair and replacement of systems.
  • Review and test new systems.

Skills and knowledge

  • Knowledge of mechanical processes.
  • Knowledge of physics, electronics and thermodynamics (how energy is converted to heat to make machinery move)
  • Knowledge of different gases.
  • Knowledge of safety regulations and quality standards.
  • Mathematical modelling skills.
  • Knowledge of any relevant legislation such as the Resource Management Act, the New Zealand Building Code, local by-laws and town planning regulations.
  • Computer skills, including the ability to use computer-aided design (CAD) software.
  • Communication skills including presenting and report writing.


  • NCEA Level 3 Maths, English, Chemistry, Physics
  • NZ Certificate in Mechanical Engineering

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$50,000 - $77,000 per year