Marine Engineer

Marine Engineers operate, service and repair engines, mechanical and electronic equipment on ships and boats.

What does a Marine Engineer do at work?

  • Diagnose engine & machinery problems.
  • Carry out maintenance & repairs.
  • Perform specialized fabrication, maintenance, diagnostics and electrical-fitting tasks
  • Check, test and maintain automatic controls and alarm systems.
  • Oversee engines, mechanical and electronic equipment onboard ship.
  • Keep ships moving at required speeds as directed by captain of bridge computers.
  • Maintain services to electrical power, heating, ventilation, refrigeration, water and sewerage systems at sea.
  • Supervise other engineers.

Skills Required.

  • Mechanical engineering.
  • Pneumatic & hydraulic machinery
  • How to fix electronic and electrical equipment


  • NCEA Level 2 in Maths, Physics and Technology

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New Engineers = $60-$80K per year

Experienced Engineers = $80-180K per year.

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