Marine Biologist

Marine Biologists study animals and plants that live in the sea, and how they interact with their environment.

What do Marine Biologists do at work?

  • Observe and research marine plants and animals.
  • Identify, classify, and preserve different types of marine life.
  • Find out about population growth and life expectancy.
  • Plan and run studies and experiments.
  • Use computer modelling techniques to predict future events in the marine environment.
  • Report the results of their studies


  • NCEA Level 3 in subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Maths, Statistic, Calculus.
  • Master’s degree or Doctorate in one of; Marine biology, Marine Ecology, Marine Conservation, Zoology, or a related science.
  • Useful to have experience in Ecology, Conservation, working with plants or animals, diving experience.


  • Marine biologists may choose, a specialization, such as fisheries science of freshwater biology
  • Team leader, manager, senior research assistants


New - $60,000 - $70,000 per year

Experienced $120,000 - $165,000 per year.

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