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Digital Marketing Specialist

A digital marketing specialist develops and implements plans for promoting a product or organisation using digital technology.

What do Digital Marketing Specialists do at work?

  • promote and develop an organisation's brand, goods and services.
  • create marketing plans, policies and campaigns.
  • advise on product pricing, advertising and selling and distribution channels, such as retailers.
  • produce marketing content such as digital advertisements and blog posts.
  • run social media channels.
  • collect and analyse information such as sales data.
  • arrange market research for products and services.
  • build relationships with clients.

Skills and knowledge

  • products or services they sell, and the market for those.
  • how to promote products and services
  • copywriting and design
  • digital marketing
  • budgeting and finance, to help with costing the products and services.


  • NCEA Level 3 is subjects such as English, Maths, Business, Media, Social Studies, Design & Visual Communication, Digital Technology.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Business Economics, Commerce or Communication.

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$42,000 - $85,000 per annum