Data Scientist

Data Scientist, also known as Data Analysts identify and communicate trends in data using statistics and specialised software to help organisations achieve their business aims.

What do Data Scientists do at work?

  • Find out what information clients need to make good business decisions.
  • Gather or choose data for analysis.
  • Ensure the data is reliable.
  • Identify trends and patterns within data.
  • Interpret numbers to gain business insights.
  • Create written or visual reports.

Skills and knowledge

  • Data analysis tools such as Excel, SQL, SAP and Oracle, SAS or R
  • Data analysis, mapping and modelling techniques
  • Analytical techniques such as data mining
  • Web analytics techniques and tools such as Google Analytics
  • How to represent data in clear visual formats such as infographics
  • The business they are working for, and how data can help it become more efficient and successful.


Degree or diploma in one of the following;

  • Business information systems
  • Computer science
  • Information management
  • Economics
  • Maths or statistics.


$64,000 - $110,000 per year

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