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Mussel App - Update May 2022

This was probably the busiest month we had so far. We're super excited about the progress of our mobile app. For those new to the newsletter, our web app offers a range of functionality for the Operation Manager to oversee everything that happens on the farm. Our mobile app offers the ability for skippers to insert the data on a phone or tablet (often without access to the internet) including seeding, harvest and assessments, photos and float positions, and most importantly communicate with other boats and Operation Manager through our farm task management system. 

Our app beta will be ready by the end of the month (May 2022). Considering that both Android and iPhone stores take time in mobile app approvals we're hoping that the app will appear respectively on the Play Store and App Store in the first week of June.

Our trial users make huge contributions to the app and we would like to thank them for their ongoing support. In return, we make sure their functionality requests are built as a priority saving their time and easing their data management. Our beta trial is getting close to an end and our full pricing will be released in the next couple of months. If you'd like to join our trial program, we do have very limited space, get in touch with us at ASAP.

New exciting functionality

Our app grows functionality and is nearly ready for our public release. We release a new feature every single week! Below you'll see our last week's major updates (excluding multiple small requests from our beta testers!):

Remember float management functionality? You can now drag and drop floats to move them around the line. Not only that, you can control which float is a surface float and which float is a submerged float and move their position. This way you can pass the information to another team where submerged floats are without pulling the line up!

We added data validation functionality. This exciting functionality was very important for the mobile app. You're now able to select users and mark them as ones needing data verification. A user like that will be able to insert any assessment/harvest/seeding data including photos, however, his data needs to be verified by an admin. Until then, the data will be in temporary storage. Once approved the data lands in the app and is signed by the person who verified it so not only do you know who inserted the data and when, but you also know who confirmed it.

Integration with the weather system! For our mobile application, we are now pulling the current moon phase, GPS based basic weather information and the time of sunset. This information is used mostly on the mobile app but in the future will be used to remember the current weather data of every activity. You will be able to compare how spat performs when it was seeded on a sunny and hot day and when it was seeded at night!

Our mobile application. We've made huge progress on our mobile app. The key functionality is that... it works offline! The mobile app while in reception downloads all information locally on your phone or tablet so the boat crew can view important information even without the internet. Once connected back to the network, the app sends the data to the database. Remember, if that user is marked as a "verify data" user, his data lands in temporary storage giving the ability to operation manager to verify the information inserted by the boat.

Click on the images below to view our functionality in action!

Are you based in North Island and want to see Mussel App in action?

We will be visiting a couple of farms on the North Island between the 22nd of May and the 26th of May. If you'd like to see our application in action, send us an email ASAP. We will be visiting Auckland, Coromandel and Tauranga areas so if you're in the area, feel free to send us an email (just respond to this message) or give Ralf a call on 027 514 6893.

As always - we're here to listen to all industry challenges. If you have some ideas about how Mussel App can help the industry, or have some ideas on what else you'd like to see in the app, let us know (yes we hear you all, processing plants ;-) ).

If you'd like for us to visit you (we're visiting the top of the south in June again) or would just like to describe how you think we can help mussel farming daily processes with automation and predictions - send us an email by responding to this email or call us on 027 514 6893.