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Mussel App - Update April 2022

Happy Easter update

We are super excited to announce our latest update.
We migrated all beta testers to the new format so feel free to test new functionality.

With growing interest, we're limiting the number of beta users at the moment.
We have great feedback from the current users and an exciting plan to build a new functionality in the next few weeks - an estimation of tonnes currently in the water.

With that in mind, if you'd like to join the waiting list for beta testing email us at: or call Ralf on +64 27 514 6893.

In the meantime enjoy a tour through the list of new functionality

New functionality

In the last month, we have added multiple new features to our application including:

Map view - you can now see all farms and a quick summary of what's on those farms from a map 

The biggest update in the last month - multi-seeding, multi-harvesting and harvest summary.

You can now build a line consisting of multiple seeds, then split the final harvest into multiple harvests (e.g. harvest only a quarter of the line and leave the rest in the water).

Most importantly, you can now view from the past harvest the entire history of a single mussel's life.

You can see all assessments, all seedings, and all harvests making it very easy to analyse the history.

Float visual - we now display floats on the line highlighting different float types.

This is an equal split process at the moment but will eventually allow you to drag and drop float making underwater floats very easy to find.

The ability for users to send direct messages to each other is our next step for the skipper app - the ability for boats to communicate with each other, operation managers directly to the boat, and farm owners directly to operation managers.

Reports - ability to generate a PDF report of the current status of the entire farm (click on the image below to see example)