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That's a wrap!

Today in Havelock we held our final Environmental workshop for the year, we had excellent attendance from our industry on water crews.

The workshops focused on why our Environmental programmes are important, the changes we have made to them, the introduction of the MFA Enviro App for reporting, an update from our Enviro Mentor, a practical session on floats and the techniques surrounding them and the introduction of new float technology.

An honourable mention needs to go to the following companies for exceptional attendance:
Waimana Marine - 100% of their on water staff attended.
Marine Farm Management - 100% of their on water staff attended.
Aroma Aquaculture - All their on water staff except one attended.

That is pretty awesome!!!

A further thank you goes to the following companies for releasing their staff to attend the workshops, we know it's not easy to facilitate this around shifts and staff shortages:
Sanford Limited
Clearwater Mussels
Maclab NZ
Maclab Tasman
Marlborough Oysters
Venture 353

Also a huge thank you to everyone who helped us run the sessions, we couldn't have done it without you!

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