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Aquaculture Farmer

Aquaculture farmers manage the breeding, raising and harvesting of fish and shellfish for commercial purposes in marine or freshwater farms.

What do Aquaculture Farmers do at work?

  • tighten, clean and mend lines, ropes, racks and nets on aquaculture farms.
  • feed and care for growing fish and shellfish
  • harvest and pack fish or shellfish
  • dive to clear any debris or dead fish from fish pens.
  • drive and navigate boats.
  • operate underwater net cleaning machines and remote operated vehicles (ROVs)
  • maintain marine farm equipment.
  • plan work schedules and prepare budgets.
  • keep records on growth and health of fish or shellfish.
  • train, supervise, manage and assess staff.

Skills and knowledge

  • knowledge of how to grow and harvest fish or shellfish.
  • practical skills such as being able to tie knots and connect ropes.
  • boat-handling and navigational skills, including the ability to read charts and use a compass.
  • basic mechanical skills.
  • ability to maintain equipment on farms including repairing broken lines.
  • awareness of health and safety practices.

Entry requirements

There are no specific requirements to become an aquaculture farmer. However, an aquaculture qualification, such as a New Zealand Certificate in Aquaculture (Level 3 or 4), may be useful.

NMIT website - information about the New Zealand Certificate in Aquaculture

Maritime New Zealand website - information about the skipper restricted limits certificate

Worksafe New Zealand website - information on occupational diving


There are no specific secondary education requirements to become an aquaculture farmer. However, biology and maths may be useful.

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$43,000 - $88,000 per year.