Algae Technician

Algae Technicians are responsible for the production of micro-algae to feed mussel and oyster larvae in the hatcheries.

What do Algae Technicians do at work?

  • Check PH
  • Monitor size of micro-algae.
  • Stir the stock cultures.
  • Monitor temperature, light intensity, air flow and nutrient concentration.
  • Oversee the health of stock cultures.
  • Use of specialist science equipment.
  • Ensure equipment is sterile.
  • Carryout transfer of stock cultures to shellfish larvae in the hatcheries.
  • Maintenance of growth equipment.
  • Animal husbandry.
  • Pond management.
  • Experimental set-up.
  • Data collection.


  • To become an Algae Technician, you need to have a relevant science or technology qualification.
  • Some employers require you to have a New Zealand Diploma in Applied Science (Level 5 or 6), while others require a Bachelor of Science or a master’s degree in the relevant area of specialisation.
  • A tertiary entrance qualification is required to enter further training. Useful subjects include Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics at NCEA L3.

Useful work experience

  • Experience in fields related to the area of science you wish to work in. 
  • Other science or laboratory work.
  • Science undergraduates often gain experience by working in a laboratory part time while studying.

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