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Harvest Information | Extensive testing in each of our harvest areas has determined at what level of rainfall that area should be closed for harvesting due to bacterial contamination.

We monitor the rainfall with a series of automated rain gauges, river level meters and salinity buoys. The rain gauges, and river meters collect and transmit data every 15 minutes. The results are collated by a central computer and made available by a fax back system to the harvesters.

Because in Golden Bay and some other areas the contamination is carried into the growing areas by major rivers like the Aorere, we monitor using salinity buoys. These monitor the amount of dilution of the sea water caused by the rise in river flows. The salinity buoys are operated in the same way as the rain gauges and transmit information to the central computer too. If any defined area exceeds specified criteria, it is closed to harvesting until another set of "opening criteria" is met.

This information is available in real time to our harvesters. All they have to do is phone the computer and request whatever report they require and what fax number they want the report sent to. This system allows rapid dissemination of the latest information.
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