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NZIER report on the economic contribution of marine farming in the Marlborough region
THE BLUE MUSSEL PROJECT: Research into a solution to the oversettlement of blue mussels.
90 MILE BEACH PROJECT: Research to assess the quality and viability of spat before it leaves Kaitaia.
MARINE FARM COMPLIANCE: Marine farm compliance audit partnership programme
History |The mussel farming industry in the Marlborough Sounds started in the 1960's.

The early days of the industry were dominated by research and development, trial and error, local product sales and a mussel extract used to help alleviate arthritis. By 1974, as the industry grew, there was a need for a formal organisation and the Marlborough Sounds Marine Farming Association was formed.

The name was changed to the New Zealand Marine Farming Association in 1986 to better reflect the growing importance of the industry.

In 2007, following the establishment of Aquaculture New Zealand Ltd, the New Zealand Marine Farming Association agreed to change its name to the Marine Farming Association, which reflects both on the Association’s heritage and regional interest.

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