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About Us | The 2015 MFA membership stands at
some 121 Ordinary Members and 42 Associate Members and 3 Life Members.

Each ordinary member has one voting entitlement. The governance of the MFA is the responsibility of the Executive Committee that comprises a President, Vice President and up to 10 committee members. Members of the executive are elected by ordinary members at the Annual General Meeting of the MFA, held in July each year.

Rob Pooley
Vice President
Jonathon Large
Executive Officer
Graeme Coates

Executive Members
Graeme Clarke
Jim Goulding
Gary Brown
Aaron Pannell
Dean Higgins
Andrew Schwass
Bob Nicolle
Kris Solly
Zane Charman
Mike Holland
Co-opted Members
Graeme Beal
The MFA is an active participant in the Ring Road companies, holding approximately 16% of the water space in Golden Bay and 20% in Tasman Bay Ring Road companies. The Ring Road Companies comprises of Golden Bay Ring Road Spat Catching Ltd, Tasman Bay Ring Road Spat Catching Ltd, Golden Bay Ring Road Farming Ltd and Tasman Ring Road Spat Catching Ltd.

The MFA owns 5 spat catching and 8 spat holding farms in the Marlborough Sounds. Spat catching and spat holding lines on these sites are leased to industry on a contract basis. The MFA manages the lighting and permits relating to the farms and in return receives income from the leasee farmers.
Other activities run by the MFA include a Beach Debris Management programme and the Marine Farm Compliance Audit programme. The MFA runs regular liaison committee meetings with the Marlborough District Council, Port Marlborough Ltd, the Ministry of Primary Industries, the Department of Conservation and the Tasman District Council. It also participates in the Marlborough District Council's Sounds Liaison Committee.
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